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M1 Compression Latch Cam M1 Compression Latch Hardware Kit Small 1.5" M1 Spacer
Small 1.5" M1 Spacer
Our Price: $4.45
M1 Pawl/Cam

Mounting Bracket Hardware Kit

Spacer for 1.5" M1 Latch

C5-25-301-82 Southco rubber bumper for C5 lever latches C5-0-34682 Southco dust cover for C5 lever latches C5-82 Southco flange gasket for C5 lever latches
Black Rubber Bumper, C5 Lever Latch

Black Dust Cover, C5 Lever Latch

Black Flange Gasket, C5 Lever Latch

MF-90-101-10 Southco Mobella replacement keeper Southco Mobella MA-R9743 McCoy lock engine R3-21-110 Southco safety override egress for R3 paddle latches
Stainless Steel Keeper for Flush and Talon

Mobella McCoy Lock Engine, Stainless or Brass, Privacy Spring

Emergency Egress

Southco M7-16-9005301-1 shower drain MR-90-100-10 replacement striker for Southco Omni Flat
Shower Drain, Pipe Thread, 316 SS

Omni Flat Stiker, Stainless