Southco E3 series vise action compression latches with tool operated head and adjustable grip. Southco grabber catch latch with integral microswitch for RVs and Boats Southco R3 paddle latch for industrial and recreational transportation vehicles.
replacement Southco tubular tool key for vise action cam latches Southco TM-10-101-24 stainless steel swim door latch for boats. Southco over-center soft rubber draw latch for boat, yacht, and motor-home compartments
Southco Swim Door Latch
Our Price: $164.80
Southco M1 stainless steel compression latch with optional lock i2Systems Apeiron A1120Z-31HAE Tri-Light LED light fixture for marine and yacht applications. small two inch Orcas Marine 9405930-1 exhaust scupper flapper for Southco thru-hulls, old part number M7-05-9005215-1
Southco Mobella MP Point cabinet latch for boats and RVs Mobella MC-99-2-7302 Slim marine sliding door latch Southco Mobella MA-R9743 McCoy lock engine