Ugly Fish Inc. is a Southco, Mobella, and Orcas marine distributor dedicated to helping you with all of your OEM and aftermarket boating hardware needs.

Southco C2-33-37 Gray Lever Latch Orcas Marine M5-88-100-8 Adjustable Lever Latch Mobella MC-99-1-9523 Small marine swinging door latch
MG-01-110-70 Southco Mobella secure cabin door latch in white E6-10-501-20 Southco large black adjustable torque hinge Southco Mobella MM-01-113-50 Talon sliding door latch in a black finish
Mobella Secure White
Our Price: $42.38
Southco Mobella MF-01-110-60 aluminum standard Flush for sliding boat cabin doors Southco TM-10-101-24 stainless steel swim door latch for boats. E6-10-501-10 Southco large white adjustable torque hinge
Aluminum Standard Flush
Our Price: $96.33
Southco Swim Door Latch
Our Price: $148.93
Southco Mobella MA-R9743 McCoy lock engine Southco R3 paddle latch for industrial and recreational transportation vehicles. Southco M1-63-8

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