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Southco R3 paddle latch for industrial and recreational transportation vehicles. replacement Southco E3-5-15 tubular barrel key for large cam latches Southco grabber catch latch with integral microswitch for RVs and Boats
Baggage Door Push-to-Close Paddle Latch, Black, Locking

Tubular Key for Large E3 Latches

Grabber Catch Latch with Integral Microswitch

Southco Mobella MP-03-110-770 Beetle latch, with a key lock, in a white and stainless steel finish. Southco Mobella MP Novibra galley cabinet latch with anti-vibration Southco Mobella MP Point cabinet latch for boats and RVs
Beetle Latch, 0.39" - 0.63" Door, Key Locking, White and Stainless Finish

Mobella Novibra Latch, Multiple Styles and Finishes

Mobella Point Latch, Multiple Styles and Finishes

replacement Southco EA-R03-103 keypad transmitter common on many RVs, motorhomes, and campers Southco 64-10-302-50 paddle latch for industrial enclosures. Southco black plastic C6 detent hinge with 80, 115, or 150 degree detents
Southco Numerical Keypad
Our Price: $66.75
RF Keypad Transmitter

Paddle Latch, Large 4" x 5" Face, Locking, Brushed Stainless

Position Control Hinge, Various Angles and Torques, Screw Covers

southco c5 large sealed lever compression latch for rv and motorhome baggage doors and compartments Southco grabber catch latch for RVs and Boats replacement Southco E3-26-819-15 tubular barrel key for small cam latches
Large, Black Finish, Optional Lock, Various Fitment Options

Grabber Catch Latch with Strength, Color, and Size Options

Tubular Key for Small E3 Latches

Southco snap in grabber catch latch for electronic and industrial enclosures replacement Southco two button EA-R02-102 key fob common on many RVs, motorhomes, and campers replacement Southco tubular tool key for vise action cam latches
Southco Two Button Keyfob
Our Price: $26.49
Snap-In Grabber Catch Latch with Strength and Frame Options

Two Button Key Fob for EA-R02 Receiver

Keys for Vise Action Latches